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Accreditation Guidelines for Hospitals in a Preferred Provider Network

In India, healthcare facilities function in an environment of a plethora of regulations, but no body to enforce the laws and no interest even on the part of the market constituents to adhere to such laws. The recent privatization of the insurance industry has raised hopes that the hospitals would now be under pressure to […]

Animal ABC

A delightful way to encourage children to learn ABC using masterpieces of the hermitage museum.

Permission Marketing

This book is a result of primary research about customers’ Awareness, Perceptions, & Preferences in the six major cities of Gujarat state of India. Attempt has been made to get insight of level of customer awareness about permission marketing, and customers’ perceptions and preferences about unwanted marketing communications, particularly, unwanted tele-calling, SMS, Spam, direct mail […]

A Clean Break

The autobiography of cycling’s Mr Clean who refused to dope or to remain silent about doping – and was exiled from the sport

Redes: Nivel 2: Libro del alumno (+ CD)

Redes 2 esta dirigido a estudiantes de cualquier nacionalidad que quieren alcanzar un nivel intermedio de espanol. Redes 2 tiene un enfoque practico cuyo eje de aprendizaje se basa en el ejercicio de la comunicacion en el aula, por lo que su primer objetivo consiste en dotar al alumno de las herramientas necesarias para desenvolverse […]

Me & My Monsters: Monster Manners!

Eddie can’t believe it when he found three furry monsters living in his basement. Fiend, Haggis and Norman are the stinkiest and craziest friends he could wish for! When Eddie sees a chance for the monsters to live upstairs he decides to teach them human manners so they can stay for good. But when Fiend, […]

Relationship Between Crop Management Practices and Seed Quality

In modern Agriculture farming is based on maximum output in the short run with inadequate concern for inputs such as use of quality seed, use of an appropriate intercropping system and use of inadequatinorganic N.Quality of seed is one of the factors that determine success or failure of the productivity of any crop.Use of recycled […]

Fullerene C60 thin film as a novel coating material for Si film anodes

The aim of this thesis is to present the application of fullerene C60 thin film as a novel coating material for Si film anodes of lithium ion secondary batteries. Fullerene C60 film is prepared and synthesized by plasma assisted thermal evaporation technique. The thesis firstly focuses on the structural and electrochemical characteristics of C60 coated […]