Автор: tamila-lama

Pulsar magnetospheres: instabilities and filament-like structures

Pulsars have been discovered in 1967 and identified with rotating neutron stars. Such stars form as a result of the collapse of ordinary stars which have exhausted their nuclear fuel. The magnetic field of neutron stars can reach a very high value of the order of 10^13-10^14 G. The magnetospheres formed around these stars should […]

Motion Planning for Industrial Robots

In the last three decades mechanisms with parallel kinematical structures have caught the attention of researchers in the field of robotics. This class of equipment can be preferable to serial chain mechanisms in industrial applications due to the exclusive structural properties. This book is dedicated to the kinematics of 3-DOF parallel manipulators. AUTRAP concept for […]

Evaluating Skeletal Maturation

Researchers have agreed that skeletal maturity is closely related to the craniofacial growth, and bones of hand wrist and cervical vertebrae are very reliable parameters in assessing it. The complete hand wrist radiograph involves 30 bones and assessment of these stages is one elaborate task which needs time and experience and also involves increased radiation […]

Big English 3: Activity Book (+ наклейки)

Share in your students’ success. Watch them excel in English. BIG ENGLISH prepares students for the challenges they will find in today’s world: CLIL: because students are learning English and so much more. 21st Century Skills: because students want to get ahead and need to be prepared for the world around them. Assessment for Learning: […]

Медработник дошкольного образовательного учреждения, №2, 2016

Вашему вниманию предлагается очередной выпуск журнала «Медработник дошкольного образовательного учреждения» за 2016 год.В этом номере Медработник дошкольного образовательного учреждения:- Всемирный день борьбы с туберкулезом;- Реабилитация часто и длительно болеющих детей;- Воспитываем мотивацию к занятиям физическими упражнениями;- Сенситивные периоды развития ребенка;- Гость номера: Ирина Анатольевна Васильева.

Sleeping Beauty

Enjoy the tale of the princess who slept for a hundred years … A retelling of the classic story for learners of English Retold by Sue Arengo . Classic Tales — bringing the magic of traditional storytelling to language learning The stories are carefully graded at Levels 1-5 to provide easy and enjoyable reading. Beautiful […]