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The Complete Peanuts 1955-1956

The New York Times best-selling series continues! The third volume in our acclaimed series takes us into the mid-1950s as Linus learns to talk, Snoopy begins to explore his eccentricities (including his hilarious first series of impressions), Lucy’s unrequited crush on Schroeder takes final shape, and Charlie Brown becomes…well, even more Charlie Brown-ish! Over half […]

Croquis Pop, Vol. 5 (v. 5)

On an invitation from the powerful croquer Adonai, Da-Il enters the mysterious man’s croquis world. Along with Chan-Bee, Da-Il undergoes a transformation in this intensely detailed, large-scale world where there exist new powers known as «Masterpieces.» Will Da-Il’s Masterpiece be enough to get him out of trouble when Mu-Huk is nowhere to be found?

The Goon: Volume 9: Calamity of Conscience

Multiple Eisner Award-winning creator of The Goon Eric Powell teams with acclaimed colorist Dave Stewart to bring this tale of humor, horror, and heartbreak to a close. Prepare for the usual weirdness, as only Powell and The Goon can provide: the living dead (children, priests, and pretty ladies), pretty living ladies, gypsies, backwoods children… «dogs»… […]

Abe Sapien Volume 8: The Desolate Shore

On the run at the end of the world, Abe Sapien’s Dark and Terrible story reaches its finale, and the answers he uncovers about his own existence reveal some of the biggest secrets of the Hellboy saga.AWOL from the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense for more than a year, Abe travels to lost two […]

UQ Holder: Volume 4

Tota meets Kirie Sakurame, a mysterious member of UQ Holder. Kirie looks like a little girl, but is apparently the wealthy patron of UQ Holder. Tota accompanies her on a trip to the tower to meet Karin (returning from the Moon), but the trip appears to have another purpose. The powerful wizard Fate Averruncus, former […]

Игра престолов. Книга 4

В Вестеросе продолжается война и связанная с этим смута. Потеряв отца, который по сути и был правителем, Серсея в роли регентши при своем малолетнем сыне пытается сохранить в своих руках единоличную власть над страной. Она ссорится со всеми, кто пробует ей возражать, и добивается некоторых успехов, но как оказывается — временных. Леди-рыцарь Бриенна ищет в […]