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Ever since computer is invented, more powerful software have been developed, such as amazing PC applications, multithreading programs running in servers of major web sites, etc. These powerful software push hardware especially processor design to limit. Processor cache is key to system performance. Unlike hard drive and DRAM, which have seen quick growth in capacity […]

Natural Algorithms

I explore simple natural physical systems that exhibit useful, interesting computational effects. I view such physical systems as specialized “computers”/natural–computers. These natural–computers (physical systems), as they evolve in phase space, can be seen as performing a computation or executing a natural algorithm to solve a specific problem. In particular, I consider physical systems that apparently […]

Java 5.0 Program Design

Book DescriptionAugust Release—5.0 Update. Java 5.-0 Program Design is about the fundamentals of programming and software development using Java. It is targeted for a first programming course and has been designed to be appropriate for people from all disciplines. The authors assume no prior programming skills and use mathematics and science at a level appropriate […]

Проектирование в системе Компас-3D (+ CD-ROM)

Книга представляет собой учебный курс по одной из лучших на сегодняшний день систем автоматизированного проектирования Компас-3D V9, предназначенной для выполнения чертежно-конструкторской документации (двухмерное моделирование) и построения объемных трехмерных моделей. Первое издание книги по версии системы Компас-3D LT 5.11 по итогам I Всероссийского конкурса на лучшую учебно-методическую разработку по применению САПР в учебном процессе в 2004 […]

Critical Success Factors for ERP Adoption Process

Wishing to improve the success of adopting ERP systems worldwide, there have been many research studies examining what factors are critical to the process. However, there has been no academic study investigating on critical factors for ERP adoption in Vietnam despite of its developing market. This book examines the critical success factors of adopting an […]

Student Housing Systems

The World Wide Web presents a global access to an extensive scope of data for a huge number of consumers at the present. It turned out to be the most significant service of the Internet lately.From the personal experience at Northern University of Malaysia and after interviewing many international students, we found that they had […]

Neural Network Architectures for Solving Imperfect Information Game

Many FFNN are trained to solve the Double Dummy Bridge Problems (DDBP) in bridge games and they have been formalized in the best defense model, which presents the strongest possible assumptions about the opponent. This is used by human players because modeling the strongest possible opponents provides a lower bound on the pay off that […]

iPad mini For Dummies

What the book covers: Getting started with your iPad mini, mastering the multitouch interface, synchronizing your data, working in the iCloud, setting up iTunes and your iPad mini, browsing the Internet, sending and receiving e-mail, texting with iMessage, browsing and downloading applications from the App Store, making video calls with FaceTime, working with Siri your […]

Secure Routing In Cluster Based Wireless Sensor Network By Using ECC

About the Book This book covers the information about wireless sensor networks, limitations and routing of information in secured manner using elliptic curve cryptography. Literature review will give brief information about previous cryptography techniques and routing methods. Basic Wireless Sensor Networks concepts included. Each concept explained with neat diagrams, algorithms and flow charts. Comparative results […]

Software Vulnerability: Identification and Minimization

Software security is focused to engineer software in such a way that the resulting application can nicely handle the security attacks. Security is compromised in the software due to the vulnerabilities left during the design and development of the software. As a recent security breach cited in June 2011, a million private details of Sony […]