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Practical Business Math Procedures w/ DVD, Business Math Handbook, and Wall Street Journal insert

Book DescriptionPractical Business Math Procedures is a comprehensive introduction to the concepts and applications of mathematics to personal and commercial business problems. The text uses basic arithmetic and problem solving techniques and illustratestheir use in retailing, interest and loans, banking, payroll, taxes, investments, insurance, and a variety of other business situations. The text is well […]

Big Spending,Compulsive Buying and Externality

This work attempts to understand the impact of the changing retailing and credit card environment on compulsive buying and credit default particularly when the society is transforming in India, with increasing exhibition of materialistic behaviour. The changing identity and the structure of the family like, the increased number of educated women entering the workforce and […]

Spanish Politics: Democracy after Dictatorship

Since the demise of the Franco dictatorship in 1977 Spain has emerged as one of the worlds most successful new democracies. But what accounts for the remarkable process of democratization in Spain, a country infamous for its long history of civil wars, military coups and ethnic conflicts? In this book, Omar Encarnacion shows how a […]

Effects of InGame-Advertising within a strategy computer game

An auspicious opportunity for advertising companies arises out of the growing market for video games. Based on a real-time strategy computer game, this study assessed whether advertisements, implemented in four different versions of a custom-made World in Conflict: Soviet Assault mission as pure product and/or plot placement created after the advertising effect model by Kroeber-Riel, […]

Property Finance Sourcebook, Fifth Edition

This book is a complete directory of UK and overseas lenders that helps you with your financial property needs. Servicing the commercial, residential and real estate development markets, it provides crucial information such as contact names, phone and fax numbers, addresses and details of lenders’ terms, rates and conditions. The book identifies who the lenders […]

Customer Based Brand Equity of Oil Marketing Companies in India

For a Brand to have value it must be valued by the customers.Brand equity is an asset of the company which is intangible and depends on customer brand association resulting to brand loyalty. India’s oil market has so far been dominated by Public Sector Oil marketing Companies especially in the marketing of petroleum products. The […]

Marketing Strategy

A brand new textbook with an innovative and exciting approach to marketing strategy. Moving away from the outdated 4Ps model to a new approach that reflects real-world companies responding to a differing and dynamic customer base. Research-based and action-orientated, it equips students with the tools to succeed in today’s competitive markets.